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Story of the brand: Muslinmoda

These products are crafted with love and care for the rooted yet contemporary Indian women for every occasion. The Muslinmoda woman can explore carefully curated pieces that are unique and exclusive for celebratory events like festivals and weddings, special days including pujas or parties, and stand-out looks for office and everyday wear.


Muslinmoda  is a celebration of Indian culture. Through our brand and our products, we honour the heritage of India – diverse arts, rich craftsmanship and the intricate art of weaving.


In our quest to keep our heritage thriving and more meaningful, we have embarked on a journey to create several “Weavershalas” across the country. These Weavershalas have been conceived to transform the lives, and create a sustainable livelihood for skilled weavers and artisans. We are making significant efforts to improve their ecosystem with better infrastructure, new-age looms, hygienic environments and medical care – so we can give back to the masters behind the loom. The first of these Weavershalas have been set up in Varanasi, Champa, Coimbatore, Phulia, Baruipur and we plan to expand to other parts of the country as well.


At Muslinmoda  we have been able to use our passion for innovation, pride in our culture and our design’s team’s evolved vision to create first-of-its-kind pieces of wearable art that bring together modern interpretations and timeless crafts.


Our stores are uniquely designed for a relaxed browsing experience across most major cities in India. They focus on product storytelling, sharing the rich heritage and authenticity of each product with the consumer. After all, you are not buying a mere fashion piece. Each saree has a story to tell that is unique.


Immerse yourself in the art of weaving and the heirloom pieces at our stores across all prominent metro hubs or shop from the comfort of your home, and enjoy global delivery at

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